JACOB COONEY – Director/Writer

As a director/writer Jacob Cooney has produced projects ranging from features, television, music videos, commercials and new media content. Most recently, Jacob directed the feature film BLOOD CIRCUS, which was released by Gravitas Ventures on December 19th, 2017. Along with “Blood Circus”, Jacob also directed the feature films PITCHING TENTS for Meritage Pictures — which was released theatrically on March 31st, 2017 — and BLUE LINE for Lionsgate Entertainment — which is slated for a domestic release in 2018.

Previous directing credits include the feature films ALPHA HOUSE for Broken Films and FIERCE FRIEND for Wonder Entertainment; television pilots HARRIES WAY for Lawrence/Long Productions and REHAB FOR REJECTS for Sledgehammer Films; and short films THE FROLIC, ROCCO, BEDLAM, and THE WAR OF GAME.

Writing credits include the films FAREWELL TO THE NIGHT for Pantheon Entertainment, THE BANISHING for Haven Entertainment, ISLE OF THE DEAD for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, APOCALYPSE POMPEII, AGE OF TOMORROW, FLIGHT 42 and BITTEN for the SyFy Channel, BLUE LINE for Lionsgate Entertainment, ALPHA HOUSE for Broken Films, WANT for State Street Pictures, ILLUMINATING PRESTON for Telefilm Canada and Zeeworks Entertainment, as well as the television pilot THE LAKES for Lionsgate Television.


“Island of Madness” (2018) – writer/director
Company: Nine/8 Entertainment (Early Development)

“Flight 666” (2018) – writer
Company: SyFy Channel

“Alien Siege” (2018) – writer (story by)
Company: SyFy Channel

“Blood Circus” (2017) – director
Company: Gravitas Ventures (Releasing December 19th, 2017)

“5-Headed Shark Attack” (2017) – writer (story by)
Company: SyFy Channel

“Air Speed” (2017) – writer (story by)
Company: Global Asylum

“Isle of the Dead” (2016) – writer
Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

“Pitching Tents” – director (2015)
Company: Meritage Pictures (Releasing March 2017)

“Blue Line” (2015) – writer/director
Company: Lionsgate Entertainment (Releasing 2018)

“Bitten” aka. “3-Headed Shark Attack” (2015) – writer
Company: SyFy Channel

“Flight 42” aka. “Flight World War II” (2015) – writer
Company: The Global Asylum

“Harries Way” – pilot (2014) – Director
Company: Lawrence/Long Entertainment

“Age of Tomorrow” (2014) – writer
Company: SyFy Channel

“Alpha House” (2014) – writer/director
Company: Broken Films

“Apocalypse Pompeii” (2013) – writer
Company: SyFy Channel

“A Monster Movie” (2013) – writer
Company: Rhizome Intermedia

“Illuminating Preston (2012) – writer
Company: Zeeworks Entertainment/Telefilm Canada

“Bedlam” (2012) – creator/writer/director
Company: Gossypium Media

“Want” (2011) – writer
Company: State Street Pictures

“Rehab for Rejects” pilot (2009) – creator/writer/director
Company: Sledgehammer Productions/Matt Sagona Productions

“The Frolic” (2007) – director
Company: Wonder Entertainment

“Fierce Friend” (2006) – director
Company: Wonder Entertainment